Our Approach

Groots is an information action platform that builds community beneficial digital networks. Through information exchange apps, Groots collects and processes data from a swarm of shop-owners who are the data providers, kept alive and active by the benefits they gain from the technical solution.

Shop-owners hold profound information about their remote communities and can often forward us to further highly suitable respondents. This allows us to target key members of communities who can provide relevant and real-time data that can be relayed to our clients.

Participation in the network requires data sharing which in turn informs the network, strengthens its power to build a community and feeds into the core system to clients who in turn fund programmes that improve the lives of people in poor communities. This data for data exchange aids in cost effective targeting of resources and offers real value to small businesses.

Data comes directly and voluntarily from the actual source on the ground and passes no human or institutional intermediaries, minimizing error input or distorted information. It also allows quick and agile collection process accommodating to more frequent intervals on-demand without physical presence in the field. Moreover, data collected is statistically- and peer-validated. Above all, this allows people and communities to own their digital identities and participate in the data economy on equal terms.