Who we are

Groots kick-started with the GIZ Innovation Fund Competition in 2017, with a mission to fight data exploitation by allowing people in rural communities to participate in the data economy on equal terms. Since its inception, Groots has grown into a data collection service for private and public companies, sourcing grass-roots expertise and metrics in emerging markets using swarm methodologies.

We believe that people in emerging rural economies possess myriads of valuable information that can shape the future of how we design good products and systems for the changing world. Data is at the core of nearly every decision made. And good data enables more evidenced-based and better decisions. However, data currently collected through traditional or digital means by consulting industry is often outdated, secondary and expensive. These insights extracted without consent or benefit to the data providers also often leave individuals vulnerable.

Groots sustainably sources real-time and primary data in emerging markets, rewarding those who have field expertise and first-hand information.Our solution relies on swarm dynamics that allows it to target key members of communities who can provide instant, primary and cheap information for a variety of use cases in a reliable and sustainable way. The value of the Groots approach is in building data-useful knowledge networks within communities, that creates active data flows which provide real-time states.

We provide fair compensation to our data providers for their knowledge and field expertise through data for data incentives, enabling them to take part in the data economy on equal and rewarding terms.

Our Core Values


We collect data directly from the actual source on ground, that passes no human or institutional intermediaries, minimizing error input or distorted information. We adhere to the principle of empowering data subjects to work towards our vision. We only collect data that is provided voluntarily and in return for a fair compensation.


We are committed to doing good for the whole and building stronger communities. We are driven to make a positive impact in the lives of people and communities in emerging economies by helping them monetize their first hand knowledge and expertise.


We believe in innovation and excellence. The Groots core system is innovation at the intersection of digital tech and community building in communities of the global south. This is embodied by our "Get Good Data" motto.